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Challah Cinnamon Rolls

February 3, 2015

You should know from my post on Jackie’s challah bread that my love for challah runs deep. I’ve made a couple of loaves this year already and then the other day I did something kind of crazy and kind of genius. I turned my lovely challah dough into a batch of sweet and sticky cinnamon [...]

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Jackie’s Challah Bread

October 2, 2013

When I lived in New York, my friends Jackie and Milena hosted a potluck dinner almost every Friday night. It was our time to feast and gossip, and it was my favorite way to start the weekend. Every potluck had a theme (like “breakfast for dinner” or “English tea party”). No matter what the theme [...]

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Simple Flatbread

August 30, 2012

The first time I used yeast, I accidently killed it. The cinnamon roll muffins that I was attempting to make turned out more like cinnamon roll hockey pucks. I called my little sister to complain and she told me that the water I dissolved the yeast in was probably too hot, thus killing the yeast. [...]

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Classic Soft Dinner Rolls

March 6, 2012

I made these rolls to go with dinner last night. They are very soft and squishy, and are the kind of rolls that go well with just about anything. While eating them, I also thought they would be great to use as buns for sliders and other types of mini sandwiches (remind me to try [...]

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Pesto Focaccia Bread

August 29, 2011

Have you ever been to Italy? Have you ever heard of a place called Cinque Terre? If you haven’t, do a Google image search and you will probably want to go there. I visited Cinque Terre about 4 years ago while I was studying abroad and I wish I could have spent more time there. [...]

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Whole Wheat Flatbreads

August 26, 2011

My good friend, Amanda, was in town last week and we had so much fun together. We went to the pool, had a little road trip to Austin, and ate A LOT of good food. The second night that she was in town we cooked dinner together, which is something we hadn’t done since we [...]